Internet made easy…experienced internet entrepreneur David Soskin aims to help would-be internet entrepreneurs and investors throught the traps and pitfalls.

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David Soskin has written an enlightening manual on how to thrive in the modern high-tech world…Net Profit brings encouragement to all those who fear that, unless you are a 22-year-old tech expert with a shiny HQ in Silicon Valley and millions of dollars behind you, you don’t stand a chance. 

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  Anyone who has shied away from starting an internet business…this is the book to change your mind. 

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 The book is written in an easily-accessible way. Full of anecdotes and examples on the one hand, but all the time ensuring the reader is left with a solid backbone structure on the other. The plot and main message are clear, but with sufficient additional information to avoid over-simplification that is so often characteristic of the popular internet literature, written by people who write about things instead of having done them themselves…
A great book that I would like to recommend to anyone interested in learning more about online business: either with the idea of applying it to their own firm or simply to learn more about trends in the industry. The author deserves a compliment for that. 

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 When you use Cheapflights to find deals on travel, you’re connecting with the rest of the world using this medium, and Soskin gets down the blueprint of how people can continue to build businesses like that, and successfully make a living.
An experienced entrepreneur, Soskin has released his book ‘Net Profit: How to Succeed in Digital Business’. In it, he describes how to build successful online businesses, and offers first-hand insight that only an expert could. He’s been through the challenges one by one, details that understanding, and gives problem-solving methods to achieve personal goals.  

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A clearly-written look at how doing business on the internet contrasts with more traditional methods. A must read for anyone who want to make money out of the ‘net.

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An excellent book: lucid, concise and comprehensive. Compulsory reading for every aspiring internet entrepreneur and should be on the reading list of every business school student.  

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